Brief Overview of AlphaMail, L.L.C.'s Services
AlphaMail specializes in online e-communications and technology on behalf of its clients, which includes the capability to deliver and track the results of its email delivery technology.

Ownership of Customer Data
AlphaMail customers have exclusive ownership and rights to their subscriber data.

We use industry standard technologies and "best practices" to protect our customers' data and the privacy of their subscribers.

Cookies may be used as part of email solutions. Cookies are used to help our customers better analyze the success of their email and other online efforts. Cookies may also be used to assist in tracking the usage of our clients. copyrighted documents.

Third Parties
We do not sell or rent our client lists to any third parties.

If all or part of AlphaMail is sold, merged or otherwise transferred to another entity, the personal information we may have regarding our customers may be transferred as part of that transaction. However, we will take steps to ensure that the personal data so transferred is used only for the purposes for which it was collected and in the manner contemplated when such data was collected. Please note that personal information provided to us related to our website or services may be required to be disclosed pursuant to judicial or governmental subpoenas, warrants, orders, or rules of procedure, but it would only be disclosed pursuant to such mandatory turn over requirements.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy
AlphaMail may change its privacy policy at any time as new services and technologies are added or existing services are changed. However, we will not use personal information to which we have had access through our customers for purposes other than those for which we have contracted with our customer, and we will protect such information from access to others who may be marketing their services or gathering data.

Our Customers' Privacy Policies
Our policy is separate and distinct from the policies of our customers and in no way supersedes, replaces or complements the privacy policies of our customers. We are not responsible for our customers' privacy policies and make no representations about the accuracy or efficacy of such policies. If you have questions about our customers' practices, please check their on-line privacy policies and/or contact them directly.

AlphaMail Website Visits
The AlphaMail website site offers opportunities for visitors to contact us. We may retain this contact information and, if the visitor grants us permission to do so, we may send visitors information about our company and its products and services. We do not contact visitors other than by email unless specifically requested to do so.

Please send any correspondence to AlphaMail at:

AlphaMail, L.L.C.
10145 W Wesley Dr
Lakewood, CO 80227